Join The Cultural Melting Pot By Living In New York City

 Many people consider New York City to be one the most exciting and best cities anywhere in the world. In fact, with its significant diversity, it’s almost like a mini world in itself. People of every economic status can be found in the city including the super rich all the way to ordinary middle class, to the poor and homeless. The fact that everything seems to move faster in the city is why the expression, ‘in a New York minute’, came to be.

In the 322 square miles that make up the city, there are over 8 million people who call it home. It is considered to be the most heavily populated city anywhere in the US. Over 1/3 of all the residents are foreign-born and you can find 150 languages being translated on any given day at City Hall. From Little Italy and Chinatown on the Lower East Side to the modern American scene on the upper east side, and a culturally rich artistic scene found on the upper west side and the lower east side around New York University, there is something for everyone.

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